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On-line free games & smileys
NEW on the site EmoticonesGratuits: have fun with our on-line games on-line games, games with very attractive brides who get ready for their wedding, games with your heroes of  Twilight, games 100% girls, games for the explorers and the budding(in the blade) adventurers, games that we selected for youngs, Games for the boys, and always our smileys.

The word "emoticon" is trained by two words: "emotion" and "icon"... The contraction of these both in fact an emoticon.

Emoticons and smileys bring a dose of sympathy and humanity on Web and it is it who gave us the idea to gather them and to list them by theme.

Dare to express your feelings in your emails, your favourite immediate messaging system(messaging), your blogs or Web sites. Emoticons and smileys are in the form of small easy drawings " to copy to stick ".

All that you will find on this site is free 100 %!


Our animals are not crunchy with the big eyes. Choose in this category your favorite animal and make him(it) know to your friends. Come to visit them, they wait that you adopt them...


Enter the magic world of Disney together with Mickey and Minnie. Come to discover Winnie the Pooh, Cinderella, Snow White, and many other characters of the kingdom enchanted with Disney.


We selected only the most beautiful, those in 3D...
They are also classified in categories. Not to miss!
Comic strips
A multitude of characters of comic strips looks forward to that you come to visit them. EmoticoneGratuit invites you in a stroll among your favorite heroes of BD. You will recognize certainly: Astérix, Obélix, Lucky-Luke, Hello Kitty, Pucca, Simpsons and many others...
Dollz, the favourite dolls of the girls. We so have that of it we classified them in diverse categories.
The choice will not be easy... Feel reassured, you can also all take them!

Discover our games(sets) free 100 %. Not need to download them, you play directly(live) on our site: you find all your heroes of the film TWILIGHT : Edward Cullen, Jacob Black and Isabella (Bella Swan). Games(sets) with brides to dress for the most beautiful day their life, the day of their wedding.Games for the boys: make of the snowboard, the skateboard, the mountain bike, and replaces the taxi driver. Games(sets) 100% girls: try to kiss(embrace) your friend without that the Prof. sees you! - go shopping to the shoe store! - make you of beautiful nails! - dress the pompom chorus girl which encourages your favorite sports team! Games(sets) for the explorers as you, you are going to face the enemies in the jungle, the gold mine or the pyramids in Egypt! Games(sets) for the budding(in the blade) adventurers who are going to have to serve king of the evil, accept the mission.  Games(Sets) that we selected for the children: find even cards(maps), plays with the hamster, helps Fred to eat hamburgers and the mouse fan of sweets! Games(sets) with  celebrities: dress Justin Bieber, Michael Jackson, Ashlee Simpson, Blair Waldorf. Games of dressing for children: dress the cat, the dog, dolphin(heir apparent) or boy.

This enormous collection under the shape of livened up(led) gifts resumes(takes back) thousands of copies. Always in the hide(carriage) of the novelties, we continue day after day to complete our collection and to optimize the classification.You will find émoticones with animals: bears  but also height of the other animals  (dog, cat, birds, giraffe, crocodile, snake, hedgehog, butterfly, monkey, dolphin(heir apparent), hippopotamus, elephant, tortoise, pig, squirrel, penguin, mouse, crab, panda, fish, deer, rabbit, polecat, unicorn, ladybird, caterpillar, tiger, lion)
You like comic strips, find on our site: Astérix and Obélix, Barbapapa, Hello Kitty, Lucky-Luke, Pucca, the Simpsons, Titi and Grosminet and the heroes of the others comic strips (Bob the sponge, the smurfs, the pink panther, Gardfield).You dream to become a princess as in disneys, of food of the honey as Winnie  the pooh, Mickey and her partner Minnie stay the most famous among the heroes of Disney.

Dollz, favorite dolls of the girls. All the girls dream about love, about wedding  and about a life couple. Find Dollz: girls, boys, accompanied with their pet . Dollz parties, play the music and go on holiday. They have vehicles to move more quickly. They like disguising for Halloween, the stories(trouble) of fairies, sirens...
But do you know that you have Dollz which has the same astrological sign as you?

Émoticones (or " smileys ") t ' accompanies in your messages of love, to say goodbye to your friends, to share your feelings, that you are an angel or a devil, to say to them that you are sick or that you stay at  home to party with your friends! You will find certainly the musical insrtument which you play. They often disguise and are transformed into witch or fantome for Halloween. They eat any sort of food, and then make the siesta or a big dodo. Émoticones practises any sports sorts: tennis, basketball(sneaker), badminton, ski, surfing, skating, dive, swimming, bobsleigh, flight(theft), running, bike, distort(alter), gymnastics, hockey, football, volleyball, baseball, fencing, karate, fitness, Or support(bear) and pompom chorus girl of your favourite team! They go on holiday summer and in the mountain in the winter sports to celebrate  Christmas under the snow.snow. When you are young, kept silent make full of things (ordi, doll, car) and you what asks you what you will make as profession later: cook, nurse, electrician, fireman, gardener, photographer, pianist, policeman, serviceman, DJ, astronaut. Of what astologique sign are you? Cancer, lion, Capricorn, virgin, sagittaire, ram, bull, gémeaux, balance, scorpion, verseau or fishes?

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